IT Device Energy Management Software and Projects

We are experts in reducing computer energy wastage in large networks, and detecting under-utilised devices. We work with many Facility Managers frustrated about invisibility of the IT’s real energy costs, and also with CIOs that want to achieve energy savings goals aligned with corporate initiatives.

We make computer energy wastage visible, measurable and accountable.

Are you frustrated about the invisibility of the real energy cost of distributed IT systems? Tired about waiting for reports with dependable results of any Green IT measures inside your company? We know how to set up a monitoring system that helps you track and understand what’s happening under the bonnet,  to maintain control and really reduce operating expenses.

We sign guaranteed results based contracts, so we are both committed to achieving realistic results.

You can’t be an expert in technical stuff but we are sure you can understand (and love) the guaranteed savings part of our unique contracts. We will do a baseline audit, show you the results, forecast achievable savings and agree with you on a M&V scheme that satisfies your monitoring needs.

We aim for higher goals than just to save energy.

An efficient world is a better world. The Earth is running low on resources that we can’t waste anymore. We are running out of time to change the path society is following, to leave a better world for our kids. Join us?

300 PC Starter Project all included

€4900 + VAT
  • 300 PC installation (server + agents)
  • Baseline Calculation
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Admin Training
  • 1 Year Support 24×7

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Important side benefits of power management

Improve device utilisation

Almost 10% of your computers are used less than 30 minutes a day. It is not a secret, it is an unknown fact inside companies. We can tell you which of your assets are under-utilised in a few days.

Reduce one of the main sources of electrical waste

Do you know that almost 40% of electricity consumption in corporate IT devices belongs to office equipment?

Help fight climate change

You will not save your company with this initiative, but you will be helping to save the planet. Energy efficiency is a matter of contributing small steps towards a higher goal.

Improve reporting on your savings

What’s the point of “doing something”, “wanting to reduce” or “advancing some projects” if you don’t have a fast and complete report tool to demonstrate your progress?

Stop this waste today.

After a short baseline metering period, we can make you start saving energy in less than 2 weeks. The average ROI is less than 18 month and we have leasing plans that cost you 1/5 of the achieved savings per month to run.

Main blocks of our process

1. Measure usage and waste

We will install a software agent (100% safe and tested, used in more than 50.000 PCs in Spain and 3M worldwide) to meter your current energy usage

2. Understand all the monetary and environmental costs

We will deliver an easy to read and comprehensive report, explaining the costs of not reducing your energy waste.

3. Plan how to solve the problem

We will tell you exactly what to do to tame this useless waste, and help you to start the project.

4. Set up a controlling system to stay on track

We will set up an automatic reporting system that will help you achieve the expected savings forever.

Trusted in more than 50.000 customers’ PCs

The Spanish Agency for Taxes Administration trusts Leantricity to manage the PC Power Management Project across its more than 30.000 computers located in 70 different locations throughout the country.- AEAT - Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria
Barcelona's City Council has been working with us since 2010, saving more than 245.000 € in energy each year across their more than 8000 computers.- Barcelona City Council
Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital recovered 100% of its investment in our software and services in less than a year, and annual savings are 10x the cost of maintenance forever.- Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona, Spain

Productive PC Energy Efficiency Projects

Agencia Tributaria de España (AEAT): 30.000 PC managed in more than 70 locations
Heineken España: 2500 PC in 90 sites
Barcelona City Council: 8000 PC
Terrassa City Council: 1600 PC
Seville City Council: 2300 PC
Gijón City Council: 1000 PC
Sant Feliu de Llobregat City Council
Instituto para Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía del Gobierno de España
Secretaría de Comercio del Ministerio de Industria y Turismo de España 1000 PC
Catalonian Official Engineers College
Mataró Hospital (Consorcio Sanitario del Maresme)
Germans Trías i Pujol Universitari Hospital 1800 PC
Costa del Sol Hospital – Marbella
Fuenlabrada Hospital 1200 PC
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Bolsa y Mercados de España
Departamento de Territorio y Sostenibilidad de la Generalitat de Cataluña
Save The Children Madrid

Finished PC Energy Consumption Audits

Cruz Roja de Madrid
BBVA HQ en Tres Cantos, Madrid
Diputación de Barcelona
Ayuntamiento de Reus
Ayuntamiento de Lérida
Hospital del Mar de Barcelona
Ayuntamiento de Sant Vicenç dels Horts
Departamento de Interior de la Generalitat de Cataluña
Universidad de Lérida
Universidad de Gerona
Fundició Ductil Benito – Manlleu
Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
Hospital Benito Menni
Hospital de Granollers
Xunta de Galicia
Ayuntamiento del Prat de Llobregat
Aguas de Barcelona

Partners and Memberships

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